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Construction Mortgage

If you're looking to build your home, either through a builder or contracting the operations out yourself, then a construction mortgage is for you.

Construction Engineers

How does it work?

These mortgages are structured quite differently than your traditional mortgage, and have quite a few moving components.  They are structured into draws, and happen at different intervals throughout the building process - typically at foundation, lock up, drywall, and then completion, but can be as many as 10 different advances throughout the process.  The money advanced is based on the percentage of the home that is completed. 

How can we help?

Construction mortgages, or a “builders” mortgage are fairly complex, and require a lot of involvement from the mortgage broker or bank.  We can offer a wide variety of knowledge about the process, and have helped complete a great deal of homes throughout the province.   We have great relationships with our lending partners in the construction field, both institutional and private corporations.  

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